Which 80 Day Obsession Pack is right for me?

Which 80 Day Obsession Pack is right for me?

80 Day Obsession challenge packs are HERE!  There are so many fantastic options designed to accommodate the needs of EVERYONE from seasoned Coaches to new challengers.  Here’s what you need to know first:

If you’d like to get in on Autumn’s 80 Day Obsession Test Group for Coaches… you CAN!  No coaching is required.  You can enroll as a Coach for the discount only, get in on her EXCLUSIVE test group where she will be mentoring us, and receive an ongoing 25% off anything you purchase.  There is a $15.95 monthly dues for coaches… but there are absolutely no purchase requirements or “strings” attached.  To me, this is a no-brainer!  To do that, simply follow the link below and select your challenge pack.  Make sure my name comes up as your sponsor (Coach ID 1284330/CoachC@TeamLightTheFire.com)

ANYONE who purchases one of these packs from me on or before December 17th will receive an invitation to a LIVE call from Autumn Calabrese that will take place on Monday, December 18th at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central.

If you’re a current Beachbody on Demand customer, you will already have the workouts available to you when they launch on January 15th.  So, what else will you need?  We’ve got you covered!  Here are your options.  Prices are $10 off through the launch, so you will want to act now.

What if you’re all new to this, and need Beachbody on Demand?  Here are the best options for you!  These options are also $10 off prior to January 15th.


BEST: 80 Day Obsession Accessories & Performance Bundle

GOOD80 Day Obsession Accessories


Still not sure? Let’s talk and I can bring you through the options. I’m so ready to dive in to this with all the tools I need to get to my AFTER picture!



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