You can’t out-train a bad diet. Trust me, I’ve tried, and thought I was succeeding for a while. I love exercising – running, waterskiing, plyometrics, yoga, group fitness classes, dancing, you name it. I used my workouts as excuses to eat whatever I wanted. But you know, life happens, we age, our metabolism slows down, we can’t work out for 2 hours every day.

My motto for meal planning was “What Do I Feel Like Today”, which led to many meals out at restaurants or convenience meals picked up because I would just say that we were too busy to spend time on meal prep. I also would tell myself that we didn’t do it “that often”.

Then 4 years ago it just was too much – after a summer of over indulgences my husband and I both looked at each other and shook our heads. We felt awful, and didn’t look too great either. Were we building these eating habits in our children too? We were tired of being tired, puffy, and looking down at the paunch hanging over our waistbands. My trainer mentioned a new program she loved and was starting a challenge group. What I was doing on my own wasn’t working, so I figured why not.

I loved that the meal plan was making it so we didn’t have to bother figuring out our macros or counting calories (which had failed for me). 30 minute workouts every day. Seemed do-able. And it was, because I had decided that we were going to be ALL IN. I was resistant to Shakeology at first, saying “I need to eat my food”, but I didn’t understand the complex nature of what is in Shakeology beyond just the protein and calories, and I had just been comparing it to other shakes I’d tried in the past. Fast forward 21 days, and I lost 13 pounds, and 8 inches on the base 21 Day Fix program, and another 10 pounds and 9 inches on the 21 Day Fix Extreme program! My husband has lost 25 pounds and 12 inches. Was it easy? No. Is change ever easy? But was it worth it? YOU BET! And it’s maintainable. We’ve adopted it as our regular way of eating now. Shakeology took us from “not shake people” to drinking it every day as a way to kick off our morning as we head in to our busy lives. Plus, I could stop taking the other vitamins and random supplements I’d pick up at the store every time I read an article telling me about some great new superfood and what it would do for me. Besides, half the time I’d forget to take the stuff, or I’d be running out of one supplement or another. Now everything was already in my shake. It was easy. That works for me.

The other thing that works for me are our challenge groups! I LOVE meeting the new people who are committing to making a change. Everyone brings their own spin, flavor, challenges, and hot mess to the table. And we can pick each other up and motivate and offer life hacks and pats on the back. It’s the secret sauce for me.

So THANK YOU for showing up here, for putting in the work, and for inspiring me with every post and message. We’re really doing it.

What will YOUR success look like?

Coach C

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